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Friday, March 23rd 2012. | Games News

zyngaZynga cofirms E3 attendance — Zynga will be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo this June in Los Angeles. Neowin spotted the company listed as an exhibitor on the official E3 website. E3 is new territory for the company, as the show is mainly used to announce new games and show off upcoming titles to buyers and the press.

Final Fantasy Brigade up to 2 million players — Square Enix has revealed Final Fantasy Brigade — the first social game based on its popular Final Fantasy series — has brought in 2 million players since it launched on Mobage in January. Andriasang reports Square Enix is celebrating this milestone by giving players a number of free items including a “Debu Chocobo” (“Debu” means fat in Japanese) that will provide players with rare gear if fed special vegetables.

The Hunger Games comes to Facebook — Suzanne Collins’s wildly popular book The Hunger Games hits movie theaters today, and the Facebook tie-in game The Hunger Games Adventures goes live this weekend. The game was developed by Funtaclix.

PlayPhone acquires SocialHour — PlayPhone, the San Jose-based company that’s building a new social network for mobile phones, has acquired social marketing firm SocialHour for $51.3 million. PlayPhone has previously gained attention for creating an app that allows players to socialize with one another and play together in the same online game, regardless of their smartphone/tablet platform.

Mail.Ru launches new content for Riotzone — Browser game publisher Mail.Ru Games has launched a new special daily mission for its strategy game, Riotzone. The mission, “Picnic by the lakeside” pits players against the “Black Panthers,” a new enemy sniper unit. The game has also been updated to give players the opportunity to see what their friends have been up to while they were away. The launch of this new mission marks the end of previous special missions like “Dr. Valentino” and “Anniversary of the revolution.”

Gameforge sponsoring game art award — Gameforge has revealed it is sponsoring the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Technology’s AppArtAward in the Game Art category. Titles that are eligible include games for smartphones and tablets, “made by independent developers using the medium for artistic expression.” The award comes with a prize valued at €10,000 and entries are open until May 11, 2012.

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