Next Rainbow Six Game = “Nothing Like Ghost Recon”

Friday, July 15th 2011. | Games News

Rainbow Six is gearing up for a comeback if recent rumours are to be believed.

It will once again fall under the Tom Clancy banner, although Ubisoft has stressed that the new game will be totally different to Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

Speaking to NowGamer at a Ubisoft showcase Florent Guillame, level designer on Ghost Recon Future Soldier, explained how the two teams collaborate.

We have a policy in Ubisoft with the different Tom Clancy titles,” explained Guillame, “Everybody specialises in what they’re doing. For instance, Rainbow Six is about the Rainbow team which is a counter-terrorism squad.

Guillame continued, “In Ghost recon we have a different approach – more high technology and tools which you can use in the game. It’s not so far away in the future, it’s a really modern world but our soldiers use really high tech weapons.

We talk a lot with other dev teams to ensure that every game has it’s own identity“, Guillame stressed.

NowGamer also asked Guillame if gamers are in danger of percieving the Ghost Recon series as a futuristic take on Rainbox Six.

No, I don’t think so,” Guillame continued, “When you play the game you will see it is a totally different experience . We have a co-op experience which is really part of the basis for the game – to play as four elite soldiers is a really dedicated experience to Ghost recon and rainbow six will be a different experience.

We also asked Guillame about the reaction to

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