Ordering launch Android-Based Portable System for Restaurants by QUARION

Monday, April 30th 2012. | Gadget News

Android New DesignFor several years now QUORiON, the German POS system manufacturer, has evaluated numerous portable ordering devices for their restaurant POS systems. Yet, a perfect fit remained elusive. Some were too large, too expensive, not reliable enough, or simply not practical. Given the advancements in portable technology and tablets, more operating systems evolved, ultimately allowing QUORION to develop its own portable ordering system. The concept is based on QUORiON’s QMP POS software and is completely hardware independent. In other words, users will be able to run the portable ordering system on tablets and smartphones with Android version 1.6 and above. “The device will run our QMP POS software and essentially serve as an extension of our POS system. It retains the full spectrum of features,” Matthias Hesse, QUORiON’s Product Manager clarifies.

What does a portable ordering system do? It allows the service team in restaurants to better coordinate its effort and places the emphasis back on its clientele. Fast ordering, quick service, and happy customers are the key benefits for restaurants. To illustrate, the waiter no longer approaches the table with his notepad, but rather with the portable ordering device. He enters order information on the touch screen and then sends it to the kitchen in real time for processing. In addition, the restaurant’s POS system receives the sales information for later billing. As Patrick Grueschow, Marketing VP explains, “While the server is discussing menu options with the customer, for instance, the drink runners are already processing orders he entered. This often results in drinks arriving before the waiter has even departed! It doesn’t get more efficient than that. You get more done in shorter time with much less. The whole thing happens over WIFI and reaches to the most remote corner spot in the establishment.” Once the guests wish to leave, the waiter prints the receipt out on his Bluetooth belt printer and processes payment with the handheld unit much like he would on the POS system. As a result, the restaurant thereby literally profits from time saved on communication, fewer service trips by staff, greater table turn over, and repeat visits.

Restaurant owners will be able to buy any Android device they want locally, thereby reducing investment costs. After that, all they have to do is buy the license and install the application. “We are very pleased with the simplicity of the setup. The instructions fit on one page,” Mr. Grueschow adds. The ordering device only works with QUORiON POS systems. One master POS system is required, which will coordinate data exchange between the handheld device and the rest of the POS network as well as ensure proper registration. It supports up to 8 order units.

Furthermore, the application will run on 4, 7, or 10 inch portable devices, which means anything from cell phone size to tablet. “In our industry we have seen many marketing gimmicks ranging from robust and ultra-sturdy to pocket size, light weight, and specially constructed. We have heard it all before. But in reality, what gets dropped more often than a cell phone? The Android devices by nature are designed to withstand those stresses and have a huge selection of protective cases. The restaurant manager decides what he needs, buys it, and then simply installs our portable order application on his Android device of choice. Finished. Because it all comes from one vendor, the software will have no difficulty communicating with the hardware. Data transmission runs on globally accepted standards that are available everywhere. On top of that our clients have already worked with the QMP POS software for years. Because the portable ordering device runs the same software, they will already be familiar with the menu layout and how to process orders. No extra training is required in this case,” Mr. Grueschow asserts.

The portable ordering device for restaurants is QUORiON’s first step into the app industry. Naturally, the company is already investigating other OSS and platforms. The initial reception has been fabulous. All samples on hand already sold out in the first week.

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