Pace set-top boxes arrival of TiVo software

Friday, February 24th 2012. | Software News

pace-hddvrYou may have never heard of Pace, but you might have some of its hardware in your house right now. If you’re a DirecTV subscriber, that satellite receiver you rely on every day might actually be made by Pace. Or, perhaps the box your cable company gave you that you just never gave much thought to. The up and coming set-top box maker has recently even had some success with the biggest cable company of them all, Comcast. The latest partnership for the company trying to overthrow both Motorola and Cisco in the cable box space? TiVo. This global partnership will ensure that TV providers that buy hardware from Pace and software from TiVo will have almost no work left to do. In other words, it’ll make way for an out-of-the box TiVo-verified platform. Pace indicates this will help answer the “strong interest” from TiVo’s list of service providers, but that seems a bit optimistic. Our cynical side reminds us of all the great Sling powered hardware marketed to those same providers that years later, still has not been put into use.

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