Pokémon Headcanon – Ash Age and Memories

Saturday, August 27th 2016. | Others

We realize that Ash in the main scene of the principal season was 10, which began in 1997. Presently, following 15 years, 5 areas + 1 done twice, 4 arrangement, 16 seasons, 8 mates, 51 identifications and whatever else HE’S STILL FU*KING 10!!. How the hellfire is that conceivable. Together with the way that each new season he appears to overlook what pokémons he possesses/claimed (each. Single. Time. He. Meets. A. Fucking. Pokémon. He. Fucking. Employments. The. Fucking. Pokédex! He would most likely utilize one even with a Pikachu!), and that he can make his around-LV.80 Pikachu lose against a LV.5 SNIVY claimed by a mentor who’s at his FIRST fight, i couldn’t not think WHY. I concede that my first answer was: he’s equitable excessively idiotic. In any case, then I thought it couldn’t be so basic. So after contemplations and considerations about babble, i thought of this headcanon.

About his recollections and how he appears to overlook he has different pokémons and not just those he got in the district he’s right now, and how he’s ready to lose fight even against new coaches, i believe that the stun of failing to be ready to win the alliance, not going more remote than the top4, is big to the point that his subliminal simply needs to overlook. So he overlooks the association and about the pokémon which helped him to go to that point. On the other hand possibly, similar to i said, he’s simply doltish.

About his age, i think this needs to do with his being petrified amid the main motion picture. He got petrified due to Mew and Mewtwo, the first being the root of pokémons and the second being his clone. That is to say, Mew presumably existed following the starting, perhaps the main pokémon made by arceus, so he has lived for quite a while since now. Mewtwo is his clone, so he most likely has the same capacity. Imagine a scenario in which this capacity was halfway passed to fiery debris when he was hit by their assaults.

If not, i have another headcanon, but rather is unpleasantly pitiful and i truly trust is not this the truth. Need it? Well then, here i go.

The reason Ash doesn’t age is on account of EVERYTHING IS A DREAM. Envision: a minutes ago of the last scene od the last period of the last arrangement of pokémon. Fiery remains awakens in our reality. Around his work area there are a gameboy and a couple pokémon amusements. He has a poster of pokemons in his room. What’s more, close to the bed there’s Pikachu. An extravagant Pikachu. His mom comes to call him for breakfast, or he will be late for school. He gets up, take a gander at Pikachu and grins. At that point gets dressed up(with the same garments of series1) and takes his gameboy and a pokémon amusement with him. At that point leaves his room and THE END. Regardless of the possibility that i likely will be a grown-up with child around then, i wager i will be damaged for whatever is left of my life in the event that this truly happens. So no, how about we run with the primary headcanon.

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