PS3 and PC, Call Of Duty Annihilation

Sunday, July 31st 2011. | Games News

The DLC for Call of Duty : Black Ops is finally out for the PS3 and PC, and now fans can at long last participate in the Annihilation party. The DLC, known as Annihilation, has four new multiplayer maps and a fun Zombie Nazi free-for-all mode which should be a blast.

One of the maps, “hanger 18″ includes the famous military base Area 51, where you will do battle in the midst of laboratories and other fun conspiracy icons like autopsy tables. The map also includes a fun 50′s style drive in theater, which includes snack bars, arcades and other kitsch things from the era.

Annihilation also has something special for Zombie fans, allowing them to play their way through “Shangri La”, a map that takes place in a famous shrine deep in a jungle. Your undead foes will come at you from a wide berth of caverns and you will have to make your way through a ton of traps and secrets held in the temple.

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