Reasons to Choose Large Monitors for Your Computer

Friday, June 18th 2021. | Hardware News

Reasons to Choose Large Monitors for Your ComputerAmericans spend an average of 8.5 hours looking at computer screens daily. Considering how much this converts to in a year, it makes sense to choose the best computer monitors. As PCs evolve, screens have also taken new forms and features. The latest obsession is with large screen monitors.

Large monitors for your computers provide you with an opportunity to show your inner geekiness. They deliver incredibly vivid images for smooth workflow and enhanced efficiency. Whether you’re an accountant, healthcare professional, graphics designer, developer, editor, or data entry specialist, you can never go wrong with a large computer monitor.

The market is awash with high-quality monitors at highly affordable prices. However, for the latest technology on large monitors, you may have to pay a premium for them.

If you’re not convinced why you should choose a large screen monitor over a small one, experts have the answers for you. We sought to find out what tech professionals think about large computer monitors. We wanted to know what monitors they are recommending to clients and why. The respondents would also help us establish the business application to this decision.

A Changing Trend in Monitor Size

According to Michael Nelson, the Owner of TLC Tech, there’s a new trend in computer monitors. In the past, his company has sold several Dual 24″ monitors. Currently, there’s a demand for a single large monitor. Within the company, it’s interesting to see the older staff members in their mid-50s prefer having larger monitors to meet their needs. “Having 4-6″ monitors open on a large 32″ monitor is too small. Having two 1920×1080 monitors is better,” some of them say.

Nelson continues to say that another consideration to make when choosing a large monitor is “noise.” Having 4-6 windows open at a go easily distracts and interrupts your work process, affecting your productivity.

For people in positions like CSR, they need large monitors that provide a good view of all their systems. For example, their work demands that they access 3-5 different systems like email, sales tools, CRM, and web at the same time. A large monitor provides for this convenience.

He concludes by saying that the decision should revolve around two critical factors. The first one is how the user works and how many applications they need to use at any one time. Secondly, the user should consider if they need to have a deeper focus, mainly if they work from 1-3 applications at a go.

Getting the Perfect Monitor

There’s no one specific way of getting the “perfect monitor” as you have to consider several factors.” This is according to Carl Fransen, the Founder, and CEO of CTECH Consulting Group. Firstly, you should choose a size that easily matches your desk or working platform’s size. Decide whether you want one large monitor or two small ones.

You can save a couple of inches of disk space with a large monitor, but this comes at a price. On the other hand, two monitors allow you to separate specific applications on the two screens.

A large monitor calls for a higher-end video card to enhance the full use of the screen’s capabilities. This consideration can quickly disqualify an average corporate class laptop. Most business applications require a 22″ to 24″ monitor, which allows you to read documents with ease without large amounts of white spaces on either side. Besides, you can have two applications running at the same time for ease of viewing.

Size Matters

The size of your monitor is a crucial factor that determines the final purchase. However, there are other factors to consider, according to Ashu Singhal, President of Orion Networks. Individual preference in monitor size and computer specifications are crucial, especially the graphic card.  With larger monitors, it is easier to multitask without compromising your work quality or efficiency.

However, having a slightly older computer or one with a standard graphic card can slow down your computer. This is why you have to consider compatibility issues to prevent tampering with your productivity.

Further Recommendations from Experts

In addition to the above considerations, Nick Allo, IT Director at SemTech IT Solutions, has some recommendations. He says that Dual 24″ monitors with webcams and speakers are still ideal in the workplace. In his view, they still serve the best business purpose.

Allo continues to say that a 24″ monitor is equivalent to two sheets of paper placed side by side. The extra monitor serves as a hub for communication on systems like Outlook and Teams. When using the dual monitors, you have enough working space in addition to a communication space. They save from the agony of opening and closing apps in the middle of working.

These screens have a 1080p resolution since most users are still using text. They tend to be the easiest to read. However, Allo says that he can see a shift toward 27″ monitors, especially the curved options, but time is not yet for this new development. “From 2021 going forth, there will be increased direct connections to laptops that don’t require a dock. The market will also have more curved screens as they become more popular options among users,” he notes.

He also mentions that there will be an increase in the webcam resolution from 720p to 1080p. 4K, a horizon resolution of approximately 4000p is already making its way to the market. Unfortunately, 99% of users are yet to start using touch, so SemTech does not include that feature in its products.

Final Thoughts

Having a bigger computer monitor gives you more power. Whether you’re sending emails or surfing the web, a large monitor with more screen space always wins. Navigation becomes seamless, work productivity improves, and you also get rid of multiple monitors.

Experts recommend that you keep up with the latest monitor size trends to stay ahead of the game. You’ll also open the door to a digital experience not possible with standard screen displays. However, don’t forget your personal preferences and what works best in your situation.

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