Rumor: iPad will get Microsoft Office in 2012

Tuesday, November 29th 2011. | Software News

According to “sources,” The Daily is reporting that Microsoft will launch Office for iPad, as well as a new Mac edition.

Microsoft Office for iPadThe notion that Microsoft is at work on this wouldn’t be farfetched — Office has thrived on the Mac, and Microsoft doesn’t ignore huge markets. As for timing, The Daily’s Matt Hickey reports that a new Office for Mac and an Office for Windows 8 would launch near the end of 2012, presumably when Windows 8 itself launches. Meanwhile, the iPad version could launch “well ahead of that date.”

As for Microsoft (which, along with NBC Universal, is a co-owner of, a spokesperson could only tell us, “We have nothing to share at this time.”

Sure, it’s a rumor, but it’s a juicy one, and one we’d like to see come true. Here’s hoping.

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