Samsung changes design of Galaxy series to sell in Europe

Friday, November 18th 2011. | Gadget News

The lawsuits against Samsung from Apple have been piling up little by little this year and most of them are calling for a ban on sales in Europe.  The lawsuits were filed because Apple claims that Samsung has made copies of their products and infringed on patents owned by Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1NThe Samsung Galaxy series of products are those in question and they are also the most popular Samsung products available right now.  Samsung has won some appeals in the lawsuits and has been able to sell the products in various locations because some judges think that any product that Samsung sells is not going to be detrimental to the success of Apple.

But that is not the case for all areas the lawsuits were filed in.  Currently, Samsung cannot sell the Galaxy 10.1 in Germany and with the holiday shopping season right around the corner, Samsung had to make minor changes to get the products on the shelf as soon as possible.

Minor changes were made to the design of the products, as well as, the names of the products.  The Galaxy 10.1 is now the Galaxy 10.1N and it has a metal frame that comes around the bottom edge of the tablet and the speakers were installed in the front side.  Samsung is hoping that was enough of a difference to get the popular tablet back on the market.

The lawsuit claims that Samsung infringed on patents and intellectual property owned by Apple and with a little help from the company’s lawyers in Germany, Samsung was able to come up with minor design changes that should appeal to the judge there.

The ban has only been in place since September of this year, but that meant a lot of tablets were not getting shipped.  An electronics website in Germany already has the 10.1N listed for sale and the price is posted at 549 Euros.

The original lawsuit covers a large area that includes ten countries and four different continents.  In some areas, like Australia, the sales ban was only temporary because in March the court will hear Samsung’s case that Apple infringed on their 3G patents.  With that lawsuit, Samsung is hoping to get the iPhone 4S sales banned.  The slight differences with the new 10.1N should appease Apple, but we’ll have to watch the news and see what happens next.

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