Sprint’s Nexus S 4G Updated July 25th

Sunday, July 24th 2011. | Gadget News

Mobile phone carrier Sprint has just announced that it planned on making available a new software update for its Nexus S 4G customers, so as to provide them with a series of enhancements related to the data transfer speeds their devices can deliver.

According to Sprint, the new software update (GRJ90) was meant to improve the 4G data speeds that Nexus S 4G has to offer, and also to provide a range of other updates. Although the release process will kick off on Monday, the update is expected to arrive on all devices in a three weeks’ time. “After receiving feedback from a small number of our customers, we conducted a secondary analysis of its performance with our partners at Google and Samsung and were able to identify some ways we could boost performance on Nexus S 4G,” Sprint notes.

The wireless carrier also states that the aforementioned enhancements are expected to result in increased 4G data speeds for Nexus S 4G customers, as well as in improved signal strength. At the same time, the new software update was meant to improve the Wi-Fi connectivity on the smartphone, as well as with speakerphone audio quality.

Along with these improvements, the software update will also deliver TTY support for the deaf and hard of hearing, Sprint explains. It will fix error code 67 when making account changes as well. In addition, the update will enable NFC (Near Field Communication) Secure Element so as to get the device ready for the support of secure transactions. “Nexus S 4G continues to be a highly sought after smartphone and performs very well for our customers. We are excited to make additional enhancements that will provide an even better user experience” said Fared Adib, vice president – Product Development, Sprint.

We’re committed to listening to our customers’ feedback and working with our partners to provide the best possible customer experience.” Running under Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, the Nexus S by Samsung was the second Google phone in the world.

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