Stack 200,000 HP Touchpads, Standed by ‘Best Buy’ Tittle

Wednesday, August 17th 2011. | Gadget News

US ELECTRONICS RETAILER Best Buy is sitting on a stack of 200,000 HP Touchpads and wants to send them back to the maker of expensive printer ink. According to Allthingsd, Best Buy stocked its warehouses with around 270,000 HP Touchpad tablets. However, the retailer has been unable to flog the devices and has sold at most 25,000, even with a $100 discount, so it has asked HP to take back all of the unsold tablets.

In fact, things are so bad that HP EVP Todd Bradley might have to go to Best Buy’s headquarters and plead with executives to be patient. The Touchpad is suffering from poor sales in US retail stores, with Wal-Mart also thought to be unhappy. Last week, HP slashed the prices of its WebOS Touchpads in the US, cutting the 16GB Touchpad price to $450 and the 32GB version to $550.

At the moment UK retailers are still sticking to the £399 price tag for the 16GB Touchpad, while a retailer at Amazon is offering a 32GB Touchpad for £422, though most other places price the 32GB unit up around £480.

When The INQUIRER played around with the Touchpad last month we liked its performance but baulked at its relatively meagre application catalogue and physical characteristics. However, users are reporting improvements to WebOS since HP released an over-the-air update on 1 August.

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