Suggest a name for the Abe’s Oddysee HD remake!

Friday, August 3rd 2012. | Games News

Abe's Oddysee review, logo wallpaper

Just Add Water wants assist in renaming the Abe’s Oddysee rebuilding it offers cooking food. Originally titled Abe’s Oddysee HD, the studio felt the title as well dull and also unrepresentative to the fact that this can be a full-upon reworking as opposed to an easy upscaling job. This’s requested the fans with regard to assist.

More than about this web page, you can create your own suggestion for any name, for example Jonathan Holmes’ Warty Member or Man We’d Really Love To Give Jonathan Holmes My personal Dampness. I personally suggested Abe’s Oddysee Reprocessed because it maintains the meat style and I really type of wish to win this.

Jonathan Holmes And The Magic Dildo had been my second option, though.

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