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Tuesday, July 8th 2014. | Others

Sweden’s high schoolers want college – abroad!
Lund University and the University of Gothenburg are the two most prominent higher training foundations in Sweden among Swedish understudies who are finishing their last year of upper optional school. For twelve years in progression, these two have beaten the schedule, as indicated by new detail from Statistics Sweden. Lund University is the scholastic objective for 12% of the learners who are going to move on from twelfth evaluation (secondary school), and 8% say they need to go to the University of Gothenburg. Next mainstream on the arrangement of higher instruction organizations are Uppsala University, Stockholm University and Chalmers University of Technology (in Gothenburg). More ladies mean to seek after advanced educations. In sexual orientation examinations, 65% of the secondary school young ladies said they would proceed, however just 51% of the young men needed to go to school classes.
Most learners consider flying out abroad to finish their training. Six out of ten understudies who completed secondary school would like to proceed with their instruction at universities and colleges outside Sweden. This speaks to a build of more than 20% from learners talked with 15 years back amidst the nineties.

Autumn’s looking good…
Especially among bigger industries that endured vigorously and are currently recovering from the retreat, business mentality have enhanced remarkably since last harvest time, according to a study by the Swedish evaluation office, SCB. Describing next fall’s business atmosphere as hopeful, at any rate in today’s imagination, the report says that engineering and business services in Sweden are fulfilled by how things are going, while the worsening circumstance in the medicinal services and instruction parts regardless evoked moderately little negativity. Expecting change in the final quarter, eight of ten operations in the engineering, lodging, restaurant and business services industries now have splendid future dreams, said Sweden’s survey taking authority.

Swedish men want older women.
Wrinkles, character and experience needed! 40 is the new 20! Don’t succumb to Botox and facelifts, Swedish men like their ladies to be somewhat more established and, assuredly, smarter. Hollywood calls them “cougars” and now its demonstrated that each fourth Swedish man inclines toward ladies in excess of 40. According to a study made in conjunction by Swedish Kanal 5 and YNS-SIFO, 25% of all Swedish men find ladies in the ages 36-55 generally alluring. “I think there’s an entire new kind of interest among more youthful men today,” explains analyst and sex advisor Linn Heed. “Ladies who are solid, independent and effective are seen as appealing. Men aren’t as perplexed about that kind of ladies as they were decades back. It’s likewise more satisfactory for ladies to take whatever it is they need, the customary sexual orientation parts have changed.” One probability is that this is only one more link in our childhood love. A more youthful accomplice may indicate essentialness and even help us live more. “On the off chance that you live with a more youthful accomplice, you keep yourself in better shape, you’re more dynamic in light of the fact that you attempt to match your accomplice,” Heed continues. She likewise accepts a more seasoned lady and a more youthful man is a decent combination sexually – as ladies achieve their sexual top at around 40 while for men its around the age of 20. “In an affection relationship its critical to exploit one another’s encounters, that is a blessing. To impart one another’s encounters in a shrewd manner and use them to make the relationship develop.” Famous Swedish men who have picked more seasoned ladies include: Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is 28 and whose accomplice Helena Seger is 39, Martin Boman who is 30 and whose accomplice Malin Berghagen is 4

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