Tens of Millions in Sales maker to maker _TV Links_ Content Offering Free Promotion for Indie Film Audience to 40 Million Strong

Tuesday, March 6th 2012. | Internet News

PR-Logo-BusinesswireEuropean company TVLinks, one of the largest deep index video search engines on the Internet, announces it is currently offering free promotion for independent movies on its homepage and entire portal.

With close to 100 million visits each month and 40 million unique users, TVLinks has implemented dozens of partnerships with distribution providers and content creators, both large listed corporations and small independent content producers.

TVLinks partnerships with Amazon Instant Video and with Apple iTunes are on pace to generate close to 1 million sales of digital content items and related merchandise this year. These sales will bring several million dollars in revenue to content creators from around the world.

TVLinks has signed partnerships or is indexing all the content heavyweights: Blinkbox, BBC, PBS, Hulu, Xfinity, Comcast, HBO, MTV, ABC, FOX, CW, Rogers Canada, Discovery, Netflix and many more. Also, TVLinks has partnered or is indexing over 2000 independent producers and aggregators, small to large, like knowlera, MetaCafe, Vimeo and many YouTube-like websites.

All the downstream partners mentioned currently receive close to 100 million visits from TVLinks each month, visits that generate multi-million revenue streams for these entitites from display/video advertising on their webpages or from direct sales. Thus, TVLinks enables an ecosystem that generates tens of millions in revenue for content creators and media companies.

“Our strategy for success is extensive indexing by all means of all video content on the Internet. We’re not limited to automatic indexing that we implement, but also allow our huge community to contribute. Each content entity can be edited in Wikipedia-style and users can actually contribute links to search results.” mentioned Adrian Constantin, the CEO of TVLinks.

“With our free promotion we’re serving this goal of discovering and indexing all video content and we are also offering a great opportunity for indie artists that lack the marketing budgets of studios. If you’re good and you want to spread your ideas and creations worldwide, contact us”.

About TVLinks

TVLinks is a hybrid entertainment platform. The core of the platform is a video search engine, enhanced by entertainment portal features such as social networking, wiki style content databases, website directories and comprehensive scheduling with personalized recommendations.

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