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Friday, August 8th 2014. | Others

Promacon LTD is an international engineering associations, activities which are search for optimal solutions in the field of industrial automation.

Our extensive experience gained in the implementation of projects of multi-sectoral in many countries around the world, allowing us to find the best way to integrate the system. We provide full support to the work flow from design to final commissioning and maintenance during operation. Our highly skilled engineers familiar with the various management platforms such as Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, ABB, and many others. In the field of automation and control Promacon LTD offers consulting services, high quality design documentation, application development and management services. For more details, you can visit this link http://ru.promacon.biz/Promacon.php?Projects, because msih much more information that we can not convey here.

Here are some of our current projects:

Desalination of sea water – the basic process control system design and detailed reverse osmosis (SWRO) and software. Seawater desalination startup business. Subcontracting companies leading in this area (project Intercontinental).

Translation of the drawing paper into electronic form (digitizatsiya) type, click one of Israel’s largest port and a number of industrial companies.

Update BATCH -avtomatizirovannoy management prescription for a chemical company.

Update process control for a pharmaceutical company.

Development of machine vision systems for chemical plants – check the quality of the product on filling production line. Subcontracting company, a leader in this field.

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