The Apple iPhone 4S out for Christmas

Thursday, November 24th 2011. | Gadget News

While the death of company co-founder Steve Jobs has somewhat overshadowed the latest developments in mobile phones for Apple, their latest model – the iPhone 4S – has hit the UK shops in time for Christmas, and is set to be one of the season’s hottest market sellers. The mobile market is extremely lucrative and fiercely contested, even in the current economic climate, as the public’s fascination with mobiles and the possibilities they offer, seems undimmed. This is the model that Apple will be hoping to see them in front of rivals like HTC and Nokia in the Christmas market.

The design of the 4S is very similar to that of the iPhone 4 – the first model in this range to be released – but beyond that it features a number of advances and improvements. These include a speedier processor, superior camera feature, more advanced speech recognition capability and an upgraded iOS operating system to make for a better overall experience for the user. The camera is an 8 mega pixel one, which has had changes, made to the design of the sensor, with the intention of improving the quality of the photographs and film. Previous versions of the iPhone have demonstrated that camera image quality is not wholly dependent on the mega pixel count of the camera, and the 4S continues that trend.

The upgrading of the phone’s operating system has yielded significant improvements such as the screen notifications reminder system based on location, instantaneous photo synchronisation between phones and better email capability. Furthermore the 4S also features an innovation in the form of voice recognition feature ‘Siri’, which currently operates in English, German and French.

The combination of successful upgrades to previous features of the iPhone 4 range with entirely new and useful features suggests that Apple may well be onto a winner this festive season with the iPhone 4S.

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