The basics about packages and themes in Magento

Monday, September 8th 2014. | Others
When I start Magento customization, a few terms are small befuddling for me. In my first day, I can’t comprehend the utilization of bundles with the themes in Magento saves.

Really I expended an entire day to think that its pragmatic utilization & comprehend the adaptability of Magento themes. The bundle is an accumulation of themes that decides the visual yield and front-end functionalities of our Magento store. A bundle could be relegated on either the site level and/or store perspective level through the organization board.

A subject is any mixture of format, layout, region and/or skin file(s) that make the visual experience.
A theme consists of any or all of the following:

  • Layout (located in app/design/frontend/ourpackage/ourtheme/layout/)

These are basic XML files that define block structure for different pages as well as control META information and page encoding.

  • Templates (located in app/design/frontend/ourpackage/ourtheme/template/)

These are PHTML files that contain (X)HTML markups and any necessary PHP tags to create logic for visual presentation.

  • Locale (located in app/design/frontend/ourpackage/ourtheme/locale/)

These are simple text documents organized on a per language basis that contain translations for store copy.

  • Skins (located in skin/frontend/ourpackage/ourtheme/skins)

These are block-specific Javascript, CSS and image files that compliment our (X)HTML.

The default & non-default theme

The Magento is assembled with the ability to load different themes without a moment’s delay from a bundle. Additionally every single bundle accompanies a default topic.

The default topic is the fundamental subject for a bundle. It have essential usefulness & styles for an E-Commerce store.

On the off chance that we like to redo our Magento store, we can make a non-default subject & then allot it to our store.

By thusly, the fundamental styles and usefulness of our store will originates from default topic & our custom styles and usefulness will originates from our non default themes.

In the event that we allocated a non-default topic to our store, the application first look format records and skins documents from that non default subject. In the event that our non-default subject fail to offer these record, the application naturally look records from default topic.

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