The Elder Scrolls V News, Same Sex Marriages of Skyrim

Saturday, August 27th 2011. | Games News

Marriage and romantic relations have always been an important mechanics in the big role playing game launches, especially those launched by developers like BioWare and Bethesda, and now the later has announced that players will be able to have any sort of romantic relation they are interested in. Pete Hines, who is the executive heading the public relations and marketing effort at Bethesda, has posted on Twitter that “You can marry anyone”, before adding, “Sorry, should clarify. Not any NPC, just mean any male or female. Doesn’t matter what you’re playing.”

Traditionally, the worlds of Elder Scrolls games have been sprawling and populated with a big number of non-player characters, meaning that gamers are likely to have quite a few choices in Skyrim when it comes to marriage and romantic liaisons.

The game will feature five cities that the developers have said are bigger than those seen in Oblivion and, to help with the attraction, Skyrim is using an entirely new graphics engine which delivers much more believable faces than those seen in previous titles in the series. Marriage might be a nice side option for hardcore role-playing game fans, but the core of the Skyrim experience will be the fights with giant Dragons that roam the game world.

The developers at Bethesda are saying that the entire game world is dynamic and that the Dragon encounters are entirely unscripted, allowing players to choose how they force them to the ground and how they then kill the creatures. Taking out Dragons will allow the player character to learn powerful, game changing shouts that can then be developed as the game progresses. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is set to be launched on November 11 and will be playable on the PlayStation 3 home gaming console from Sony, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PC.

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