The Hit Zones Skins and Weak Spot of Tanks

Wednesday, March 9th 2016. | Others

On our website the hit zones WoT you can find mods for every taste and color. But these skins you have not seen! It is an alternative version of skins with vulnerabilities tanks Red Star 2: Shadow Nagibatorom. If you do not what it is means then click on these two links and you will understand everything: contour and dashed.

These skins differ from all previous best quality performance, the lighting crew and modules tank. Also in this article you will find plain skins of destroyed machines and semi-transparent camouflage. Besides installing this mod you will get in addition iZoom and others advantages.

The Hit Zones Skins and Weak Spot of Tanks

Mod was developed by players StranikS_Scan & Kodoku & Co. All skins are compatible with the latest 0.9.13 update. Version skins – 1.6a

Now mod is designed for the more powerful ( top ) machines, but it is growing rapidly , and with every patch adds several tanks.

Mod is relevants for the following tanks :

– Germany: Mause, E- 100, JagdPz E- 100 , Jagdtiger, E- 75 , VK4502 (P) Ausf.B, E- 50 ;

– France: AMX 50B, AMX 50 Foch ( 155 ), AMX 50 Foch, AMX 50 120, BatChatillon 25t, Lorraine 40t;

– USA: T110E5, T110E4, T110E3, T95, M103, T30, M46 Patton;

– USSR : IS- 4 , IS- 7 , Ob.268 , Ob.704 , IS- 8 , ST- 1, T- 54.

The colors explanation:

Red – the most vulnerable hit zones;

Purple – ammunition;

Green – the engine + transmission;

Blue – internal fuel tanks;

Solid white – the radio station, a top gun, mask a top gun of the tank rim rollers ;

White dotted – zones of non-penetration and a multi -screen screening;

Yellow – the crew

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