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Saturday, July 23rd 2011. | Games News

Why I’m Not Pre-Ordering SWTOR. It seems that just about every MMO blog you read these days, with the exception of a few, is announcing which version of Star Wars: The Old Republic they pre-ordered. I’ve never been big on pre-orders, I think I’ve only pre-ordered two or three games in my life-time and only did because they came at a discounted price.

For SWTOR I was tempted to join in and pre-order a copy, but I decided against it for various reasons. The main reason being I don’t want to be part of the massive flood of gamers all downloading, patching and logging in on launch day. MMOs rarely have a smooth launch and considering the amount of players flocking to SWTOR, there’s bound to be some launch day issues. So my plan is to avoid the launch all together and save myself some frustration.

Since I’ll be avoiding the launch, that also means the only bonus I’ll receive from the pre-order is the color stone, which is most likely purely cosmetic, so I don’t mind missing out on that.

Back when Star Wars Galaxies launch I was there from day one and while I don’t remember any major launch issues, I do remember the massive amount of lag in the cities.  For the first week or two I just avoided them or tried logging in during off-peak hours.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a post saying I’m not going to buy SWTOR, just not pre-ordering it. I will definitely be picking up a copy of SWTOR, but I’ll probably wait 2-3 weeks before I do, that is unless I hear how smooth and awesome the launch was, then I’ll run to the store and get a copy

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