The Worst Games to Play on Christmas Day

Sunday, December 25th 2011. | Games News

Now, most people are going to have some free time during the holidays, but there are definitely some games that you should avoid during Christmas. Whether it’s because they will consume all your time or because your family just won’t understand, it would be for the best if you keep these games locked up until the 26th.

The Worst Games to Play on Christmas Day

Skyrim – If you have picked up Skyrim, then you’re not reading this; you are still playing the game and haven’t been seen for weeks! For the rest of you, if you have been thinking about picking up Skyrim, don’t do it. You will spend the next few days mining ore, catching butterflies, and trying to kill one of those damn giants. There is absolutely no Christmas gift that will be able to pry you away from the television screen. New golf clubs? Bah, this thieves guild quest needs completing. New TV? It can wait until after my Daedric armor is upgraded. New car? Ooooo, I think there’s a dragon on the top of this mountain. You will miss out on all that glorious Christmas food, and quality time with your relatives….OK, you might be glad to avoid your relatives.

Nascar: Unleashed – Well actually, it’s a bad idea to play this game no matter what time of year it is. Some really bad games have released for the PS3, such as Naughty Bear and Call of Juarez: The Cartel, but this game could be the worst of them all. Seriously, don’t play this game. If one of your relatives bought you Nascar: Unleashed for Christmas, then they secretly hate you.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Unless you reside in the southern hemisphere, people are bound to be wearing hoodies where you live. After a few dozen hours into Assassin’s Creed, you will be suspicious of anyone in a hood. Nothing ruins the holidays more than when little Timmy starts throwing firecrackers and smoke bombs at members of the family. The local authorities also don’t appreciate it when you run along the rooftops of local businesses downtown, and no, trying to avoid the Templars is not a valid excuse for breaking the law.

Dark Souls – Nothing ruins the holiday spirit more than getting body slammed by the same titanite demon ten times in a row…..or getting stabbed in the back by Ornstein….or falling off a cliff….or practically everything else in that game. Your family members probably won’t appreciate the string of profanities that are sure to be heard from your room. Also, If I could design a level to epitomize the exact opposite of Christmas, it would be the tomb of the giants. It’s dark, lonely, and full of monsters that want to eat your face. I imagine that’s where all the naughty kids are sent when Santa has had a bad day.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot –  You don’t want your family to see you playing this game. There’s nothing wrong with beating a homeless man to death with a lead pipe, but the older generation just doesn’t understand! Unless you want your next Christmas gift to be therapy sessions, don’t let anyone know how much you enjoy this game. Instead, pick up Cabela’s Big Game Hunter and kill tons of animals like regular people!

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