Through AT & T, Finally! Unlock your iPhone; Legit.

Monday, April 9th 2012. | Gadget News

iPhone AT & TJared Newman reports the good news:

To unlock an AT&T iPhone, subscribers must have completed their service contracts…and their accounts must be in good standing…[or] pay an early termination fee. … Previously, AT&T refused to unlock subscribers’ iPhones, though the company had no problem unlocking other phones.

Verizon Wireless and Sprint both allow users to unlock their iPhones…even while still in contract. … AT&T’s out-of-contract policy is less favorable, but it could still come in handy…[if you] don’t want to pay a fortune for service abroad.  Read More>>>

Kasper Jade adds other bits and pieces of info:

Previously, customers who finished…their two-year contract with AT&T had an iPhone that could not be unlocked through official avenues…though they were free to leave for another carrier, they could not bring their iPhone with them.

[C]ustomers who unlock their iPhone from AT&T will not be able to use it with Verizon, even if it is the iPhone 4S…the unlocked iPhone only works with supported GSM networks.  Read More>>>

And Matthew Panzarino details the process:

[You] can do this in-store [or] in an online chat at AT&T’s website. … The only piece of information required by AT&T is the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

Apple pushes the unlock code during the next 72 hours to your email address…[you] back-up and restore and tether the device to iTunes to complete the unlock process.

For used devices, AT&T will check the account history…to make sure that the contract has been completed.  Read More>>>

So Cody Lee selflessly tried it out on our behalf:

This is a big departure from the typical trials and tribulations you have to go through to unlock.

[I have] an iPhone 4 that’s been out of contract for quite some time. … I started off by dialing 611 from my current iPhone, and navigated my way…[to] the tech support department, [but reached] a customer service representative who obviously hadn’t gotten the memo yet. … [She] did some quick research on her end and came back…asking for my iPhone’s IMEI number. And…she submitted my request for unlock.

All in all I spent about 20 minutes on the phone, which wasn’t too bad all things considered.  Read More>>>

But Jupiter212 brings bad news: [You’re fired -Ed.]

I have a long out of contract 3gs. I…was told by AT&T that since the phone was purchased at the apple store…they could not…unlock the phone.

Outrageous. … I think i may write to my congressional representatives and the FCC. … After three years the phone has long been paid off and now that is MY phone.  Read More>>>

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