Tobacco Consumption Reduces Penile Blood Flow

Tuesday, May 29th 2018. | Others

malegenixThe physiology of erections depends a lot on smooth and unimpeded blood flow to the penis. Thus, any factor that can negatively impact penile blood flow can be considered as a risk for erectile dysfunction (ED). Age, of course, is one of the most common factors affecting penile tumescence. Smoking is another. Perhaps the best way to recover your sex life is by taking male enhancement pills, and perhaps the best one we’ve seen thus far is Malegenix which increases your size, performance, and sex-drive.

A Risk Factor For ED

Cigarette smoking, by itself, is now considered as a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Blood flow to the penis is modulated by nitric oxide. Unfortunately, tobacco smoking reduces nitric oxide production and negatively affects the physiological mechanism by which nitric oxide facilitates erections.

Aside from its effect on nitric oxide production, cigarette smoking also causes intrinsic damage to blood vessels. This then prevents the penile blood vessels from dilating properly, so there’s lesser blood flowing to the penis. Moreover, tobacco smoking is associated with arterial stiffness. As a result, penile blood flow is impaired, which then leads to erectile dysfunction.

Dose-dependent Effects

The risks of developing erectile dysfunction will depend on how much and how long you have been smoking, and the odds are even higher for those who smoke more heavily. This is especially true for men who smoke ten or more cigarettes every day. Between men who smoke occasionally and those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day, the chances of heavy smokers to develop severe erectile dysfunction are actually double.

How long you’ve been smoking also contributes to the increased risks of developing ED. Those who have been smoking longer have higher chances of developing ED than those who have only begun to smoke recently. And with regard to severity, heavy smokers and long-term smokers tend to develop more severe forms of erectile dysfunction than those who smoke less and for a shorter period of time.

The good news is that if you stop smoking before reaching middle age and never start again, some of the damages to erectile function caused by tobacco consumption may actually be reversed.

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