Unannounced LG G3 appears to already have mini sibling in the works

Monday, April 21st 2014. | Internet News

Not so long ago, it took months for big-screen smartphones to be joined by a mini-sized edition, but LG appears to be putting such plans on the fast track when it comes to its forthcoming flagship handset.

PhoneArena managed to dig up some additional intel on the as-yet unannounced LG G3, but this time the focus is on a smaller, less intimidating model that will presumably arrive as the LG G3 mini.

The connection between the two smartphones comes down to an internal LG codename, with the G3 known as the “B2” while the latest detective work has outed a “B2MINI” bearing the model number LG-D725.

It’s too early to know firm details since no actual images of the device have been leaked yet, but the G3 mini is said to come sporting a 720p display somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.7 inches in size.

Bound for AT&T?

According to MyLGPhones.com, the so-called G3 mini appears headed to US carrier AT&T, who is also said to be a lock for the full-sized G3 bearing the model number LG-D850.

Little brother should also arrive swaddled in Android 4.4.2 KitKat, although LG apparently plans to lather Google’s mobile OS with its own Optimus skin along the way.

Last but not least, the G3 mini has been tipped with an 8MP rear camera, as noted by the leaked document’s confirmation of a 3264 x 2248 pixel resolution.

The mini G3 is expected to arrive “a good few months” after LG finally confirms the full-sized version, which is said to arrive before July on all four major US carriers.

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