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Monday, July 18th 2011. | Games News

Not a bad week for being smack dab in the middle of a drought. I got to play around with the Catherine Demo which I was rather impressed with. Being a puzzler it isn’t for everybody but I loved the atmosphere and presentation; I mean most puzzlers are just puzzles. Solving them is supposed to be what keeps you going, but as anyone who has played Portal 2 can attest, solving puzzles is much more fun when it advances an entertaining narrative. I have more hope for the game’s success than I did before because as positive reviews begin to come in I’ve noticed interest in Catherine go up. Let’s hope it’s not all for the sexiness because while that’s big in the advertising it won’t be the main reason to play the game.

Grand Theft Auto Five :

Love me some Rockstar games. I  have every GTA, both Max Paynes, L.A. Noire, State of Emergency, and even the unreleased unedited version of Manhunt 2. I have to admit though, I’m not all that keen on GTA V. Okay maybe that’s because there hasn’t been any information about it or even an announcement yet, but the game showing up on some pre-order lists has brought it into the limelight nonetheless. I think the reason I don’t feel the need to buy it at full price this time is the new direction toward realism. While it makes for more of a Hollywood experience the game loses its sandbox feel. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying Saints Row 2 right now, it’s more of a playground like old GTAs were. There’s no doubt that GTA V will be a huge seller, but I have some doubt about it really releasing next year. They certainly could have it done by then, but what’s with Rockstar being so quiet about it? Just announce the thing and tease it, if Rockstar is too big for E3 as they have intimated before then where’s the Rockstar conference? And what the hell’s going on with Max Payne 3?

Games you should pay attention to:

El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron kind of came out of left field from now defunct Ignition Japan (what a shame) and has my interest. You can get a feel for the art and story with Damien’s Preview and a little extra info from an interview with the game’s director. I played the demo and was impressed by how different and yet strangely familiar it was. It was like an old NES or SNES game but in a next gen package.

Metro: Last Light is looking great, I can’t say I had the pleasure of playing Metro 2033 but Nick says it was great stuff and you can bet that with my interest heavy in stuff like Fallout, Bioshock, and Rage I will be watching Last Light. You can watch some footage of the demo right here.

At Velocity Gamer:

If you aren’t checking in daily you are missing out on some of the greatest stories you won’t find anywhere else. Nick is contemplating a Modern Warfare 2 tournament to warm up for the release of MW3 in case you want to show off your skills.But, ah, that might have to wait a little bit because the poor fellow’s Xbox 360 has gotten the dreaded Red Ring of Death. This prompted David to weigh in on the RRoD situation, which may or may not be better than it once was. Damien continues his excellent history lessons with Gaming Technology and Trends: Online Capabilities. So if you are at all interested in how the biggest phenomenon to date got to where it is today you should read up. And finally I just had to say something about a recent episode of DATELINE that made Xbox Live the star in a murder case.

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