Visual Watermark: Mac App to Add Labels, Logos and Photographs to Copyright

Monday, July 22nd 2013. | Software News

Visual Watermark: a software designed for Windows operating systems and Mac to handle 360 ​​° with thousands of graphics options above adding a single or an album of photographs.

After having written in a few words the only goal of applying Ivan Ross, let’s analyze it step by step after the jump:

Downloaded and install software in the HD of my Mac with OS X 10.8.3, during this first procedure is referred to me a total weight of 130 MB installed, open the main graphical interface here:

I take this opportunity to remind you that the proposal is in Italian before moving with just a drag & drop from one folder all the images you want to edit in the larger lower.

Start with:

then with a simple shift another port in Visual Watermark a second image (ss. below), I could do it manually by browsing by selecting paths by clicking the button [add more pictures] I highlighted with a yellow section:

I do a test, but the current version can not remove only one shot (as opposed verisone is possible in Windows), so I click [remove all] next to the button I mentioned earlier, and I add three new:

imported all the photos you want to edit click the more button at the top right of all, you come to this window with 12 models of adding standard picture:

are models of general impression, for example in the first only one written with large font text, the second only an image, others with picture and two lines of text, etc..; least started to do this first selection for the result you want.

I click on the image and with two lines of text, once done you get to this window:

as mentioned earlier I chose the model with three elements, let’s see it in the image better to follow with three arrows indicative:

A – Was one of the images that I imported at this stage is shown as a model with the label overlay image,

B – As the first element of personalization a logo, it is possible to move the icon and then clicking it in the upper left or enlarging it with the one in the upper right corner of the square that appears in overlay,

C – A first line of text to be inserted as a label with a font size medium

D – A second line of text for personalization with a small font sizes.

I click the logo and the right column can be adjusted with one of the pictures shows, watch the appearance of transparency or not this could change if the final result, I put the YouTube logo:

Note in the right column entries gesione important for the image in the picture: change logo and remove the background: important to try to remove the software only on the pixels of a color image background added; very good final result (I took off those little pieces of blue).

We see the parameters and items to customize the appearance of the text or images to which these elements are superimposed on the right column of the screen shoots below:

Let’s see some examples of customizing the site:

the developer as well as offering a truly infinite number of possible uses and for many categories of people (think of the bloggers, photography enthusiasts who want to add labels in a few steps to hundreds of images), as last window of passage has also designed a convenient window for rescue:

Read them and let’s see them together because they are all important:

A. The first allows the choice of a specific path of destination,

B. The second to customize the level of quality of the results, an option designed for those who must stay under a weight of files,

C. The voice of the resizing allows you to choose the values ​​of the pixels in height, width or both for each file averaged result produced by Visual Watermark,

D. The last entry allows you to name the images after the overlay text / text + media with a general name and in sequence with a number so that you have accurate results and tidy.

We see more clearly the points c and d in a screenshot:

More comfortable so you can not! In this way you can make changes to a series of pictures without having to open them one by one to change them; respect to download and use as a written test at the beginning you will find it here on the site soon section for Mac, right up to the latest release OS X.

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