Week in Gaming: Will your next gaming gimmick be Cardboard?

Saturday, June 28th 2014. | Games News

With WiG’s regular columnist still galavanting/lost up a mountain we’re still bringing a little bit of retro cool to your favourite seven-day round-up – and you can’t get much more retro than cardboard accessories.

Yes, that’s right – in a mix of old and new, El Google is borrowing an old idea of shaping your own headwear, but mixing it up with a bit of home brew VR.

So as long as you watch something blue with your new Google Cardboard stylish wearable then you’re all good to get married. We think.

But just when you thought that VR was the only gaming goodness to come out of IO Google revealed that it was working with none other than Razer on a set top box TV gaming hybrid thingy that will CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT*

Razer - consistent in its design cuesRazer – consistent in its design cues

Future of consoles?

And if the whole prospect of gaming through a tiny wee set top box that also does your TV blows your big gaming mind then look away now.

Because Sony has announced that its widely heralded PlayStation Now will be coming to a massively expensive Sony television (MeST) possibly near you (if you’re in the US) and you’ll just need to plug a DualShock into your MeST and rent one of the games.

It’s the future guys. The future. Right now.

What do we want? PlayStation Now! When do we want it?...What do we want? PlayStation Now! When do we want it?…

A company that would really love to have a future is good ol’ Ninty Nintendo who are scrabbling round for relevance in this high-tech world having run out of gimmicks to throw at our controllers.

But that’s alright, because we all know that Nintendo still has the capacity for awesome and we’re hoping that icon and gaming god Shigeru Miyamoto is pointing the way with a new unified platform for 3DS and Wii U.

And last, but not least, we catapult ourselves back into the world of VR and bring you the news that Facebook’s Oculus – or Foculus as we now call them when we’re trying to look clever in meetings – have bought Carbon Design Group.

Oculus - still more stylish than Google GlassOculus – still more stylish than Google Glass

Who? We hear you ask quietly so as to not appear ignorant. Well – they are (of course) the people whose design skills helped the Xbox 360 controller and the original Kinect.

So we’re expecting an Oculus that doesn’t look like a shoe-box stuck to divers goggles then.

So that’s it for another week – and you’ll be delighted to know that all of the flares you sent up mean that young Hugh Langley will be back to lead you by your nose ring through the gaming news pastures in seven days’ time. 7DiG forever

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