What is Software Testing Methodologies?

Friday, September 26th 2014. | Software News

In the field of Software testing we utilize distinctive sorts of Software Testing Methodologies. In today’s Software Testing Class, we will see what all Software Testing Methodologies & programming testing system is utilized within the day today programming testing life cycle.

In the Software Development Process distinctive programming improvement methodologies are utilized. A product advancement handle otherwise called a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Each one methodology model has its own particular focal points & disservices, the picking of model is focused around the prerequisite & need of your undertaking to do the accomplishment in procedure of programming improvement.

Here are the few usually utilized Software Development Life Cycle utilized within real testing:

  1. Waterfall model
  2. V model
  3. Agile model
  4. Spiral model
  5. RUP
  6. RAD

1) Waterfall Model

The Waterfall Model methodology is most fundamental life cycle model, which is the first Process Model starts and utilized extensively within Software Development to verify venture achievement. This model is produced by Winston Royce in the early 1970. Waterfall model is programming improvement process consecutive process, as streaming logically downwards like waterfall by means of numerous stages & these straightforward succession of stages has its own particular characterizes exercises and objectives. The Waterfall model is isolated into taking after partitioned stages:

  • Requirement Gathering & Analysis phase,
  • Software Design,
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Maintenance

All these stages are the successive stages & next step is completely relies on upon the past step, so second stage is starts as just if the characterized set of goals and objectives are finished first.

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