What You Need To Host The Site On The Net?

Tuesday, December 9th 2014. | Others

Tell me, how often on the Internet you meet an expression of website hosting companies? Of course, a knowledgeable person is well aware of what is at stake, but those who are just beginning to understand the problems of site placement, need to understand the basic definitions of the case.

What is a domain and hosting?

These two concepts define “place of residence” of a site on the World Wide Web. Hosting is responsible for the storage space for the site and domain provides its online address. If you create a website on your computer, but no one except you will not see it. We must look for a niche on which to stretch your creation.

First of all, you need to understand that the domain and hosting – concepts leased. That is, you can not get them all, you need to periodically pay a certain amount for them. The minimum term of the order of one month of hosting and domain – one year.

Hosting – this is the “housing” for the site. That is, you turn to a hosting provider who offers certain conditions. This may be a virtual server hosting, dedicated server hosting (dedicated server hosting), support for programming languages and scripts, and you already choose what suits you.

After the agreement, you get a place on the hard drive, which will become your “shelter”. The hard disk drive is part of the provider’s server. All servers are stored in data centers – specialized buildings. They arranged work in such a way as to provide a continuous connection to the Internet all the equipment. Since your site is laid out in the network.

However, this work does not end. Your site is already online, but no one knows what address is your resource. For this it is necessary to choose a name that is usually composed of two parts. This will be your domain.

The first part (first level domain) defines the country in which the site is located. It could also indicates which area of activity it belongs. The second level is the main host name. This part of the domain contains information about what is involved in the site.

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