What You’ve Always Wanted: Wi-Fi Enabled Cufflinks

Monday, January 23rd 2012. | Hardware News

Wi-Fi CufflinksTechies are not generally enthusiastic about being seen in formal business suits. But now, perhaps, they have a reason to dress up a little, because you cannot wear cufflinks with a T-shirt.

These gadget shirt-fasteners, however, come from Brookstone, purveyors of all sorts of items you never knew you wanted, such as talking meat thermometers and devices to wind the automatic wristwatches you do not have time to wear. The cufflinks combine a tiny 2-gigabyte USB memory stick with a Wi-Fi hotspot enabler.

Time Techland describes why these formal-wear accessories are such an important development:

Let’s say you’re at a wedding and the wireless router kicks the bucket. Just hook a laptop directly into the cable modem and then stick the Wi-Fi cufflink into one of the laptop’s USB ports. In no time at all, you’ve got yourself a new wireless hotspot that all the guests can use to surf the web on their Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

This sounds like a boring wedding, but you just made it exponentially more interesting by being the guest with the Wi-Fi cufflinks, so there’s that.

The Wi-Fi cufflink requires software to be installed on the host computer, which you can download first or oh, I don’t know, store on the other cufflink that doubles as a USB storage drive. “How you’ve managed to stay single this long is beyond me.” Expect to hear that phrase a LOT whenever you’re wearing these babies.

The silver cufflinks do not look cheap, which is just as well at $250 a pair. You cannot purchase them directly from Brookstone’s website if you live outside the U.S., but you can make a telephone order. This presumably makes it easier to weed out aspiring James Bonds from the wrong sort of country.

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