ZeptoLab UK Limited experimented : Cut The Rope!

Thursday, August 4th 2011. | Games News

The Adorable Om Nom Returns In Cut The Rope: Experiments. Cut the Rope: Experiments ($0.99) by ZeptoLab UK Limited is finally here, fellow Nommers! The rope-cutting, candy-chomping game that you have all come to love with the same cute Om Nom has a new twist. A mad scientist has apparently gotten a hold of Om Nom. He’s called the Professor. Who in their right mind would abandon such an adorable little candy-loving monster? I have no idea; I would keep him for my own. Nevertheless, he was put in a box again and ended up at the scientist’s laboratory.

Cut The Rope: Experiments has the same controls as the original and other versions of Cut The Rope, but with many new features. Some of the fun, new contraptions you’ll come across include suction cups, rope shooters, spikes, and spiders. Can you outsmart the devices and successfully complete each level?

The Professor will periodically give you words of encouragement, all in a pretty decent German accent. Hearing phrases like “Wunderbar!” and “Zee Nobel Prize is vaiting!” after completing a level sure makes Om Nom feel smart.

As you climb the top of the Game Center leaderboards, and earn achievements, you will get even more reactions and observations from the Professor — whether they’re welcome or not.

There are 75 levels total, with three new settings, and even more fun antics already planned for future updates. And a special treat for you hardcore Om Nom fans: the official Cut The Rope comic book is coming soon to an App Store near you!

Cut The Rope: Experiments is out in the App Store for both the iPhone ($0.99) and the iPad ($1.99). If you’re a Cut The Rope fan, or if you’re new to the series, picking this game up for your iDevices is highly recommended.

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