• Blip: Oculus Rift pumpkin is the best pumpkin

    A lot of people have complained of motion sickness after using an Oculus Rift headset, and although it’s something the company works to improve with every new version, it’s definitely still present. Just ask this green-gilled jack-o-lantern, posted on

  • The FCC’s reported net neutrality proposal will split the internet into two entities

    The US Federal Communications Commission is hoping to strike a balance between the wants and needs of consumers and the desire for internet service providers (ISPs) to charge online companies unfixed rates for faster internet speeds. The FCC will

  • James Cameron slams Oculus Rift VR tech

    Avatar director James Cameron has spoken out against VR technology, saying he sees no real place for it beyond video games. Cameron is a contentious figure, but his views on virtual reality tech mirror what many wondered when Facebook’s

  • The Best Anti Wrinkles Cream

    Are you looking for an evening firming cream for face wrinkles and different getting older signs but cannot appear to resolve which one works best? The one manner you possibly can have success with night firming cream (apart from

  • Sony just extended PS4 Remote Play to Android phones

    Remote Play is one of the most interesting features of the PS4, letting users stream games from the console to other platforms. The feature gave the PS Vita a much-needed boost, and now it’s arrived on Android via a